Young Women’s Leadership Society at the Chi-Tech High School

Twice now, I have had the pleasure to work with a young and intelligent (and extremely funny) group of girls. These girls are students at Chi-Tech High School and are members of the YWLS (Young Women’s Leadership Society).

The YWLS is designed to create an environment where the girls can collectively discuss challenges against women and how to overcome them; The club is also designed to provide mentoring and leadership skills for the girls (or should I say young ladies).

These young ladies get the opportunity to meet female executives and entrepreneurs, enabling them to learn career skills, such as resume building, how to dress to impress, public speaking and natural & professional make-up looks (which is where I come in).

The first time I met these ladies was last year when I was invited to do a make-up lesson for them. I taught them how to do a natural look and what colors went great with their skin tones. Two ladies were picked to be my models and I demonstrated two different looks on them (chosen by the group). We also talked about confidence and what it means to love your beauty.

To my surprise, I was invited back are months ago this year to do their make-up for a fundraiser they were hosting – Chi-Tech Fireside Chat- Women in Corporate America: Conform or Transform. The event consisted of corporate professionals speaking on their challenges and advantages as women in the corporate world. To say the least, I was honored to be a part of this event!

Below is a sneak peak of the girls (uhmm.. clears throat) I mean ladies at the event!


YWLS’ Mission Statement:

The Young Women’s Leadership Society at ChiTech provides students a safe environment to discuss the challenges facing young women in urban settings, monthly opportunities to network with professionals and executives, and the development of skills and relationships that create a path to college and careers for tomorrow’s leading women.


More to come on these beautiful young women as I suspect you’ll be hearing from them again!

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