How To Tell When You’re Wearing Too Much Makeup

How To Tell If You're Wearing Too Much Makeup

As a makeup artist I know when it’s good to pack on the foundation and when not to. Not saying I’m an expert, but I kinda am. Trust, you don’t need 5 layers of foundations just to go to dinner. Not unless that dinner is for a photoshoot with Vogue and the photographer isn’t going to retouch the final images…and even then, that’s still overkill.

Speaking from experience and from my own embarrassing moments I know when enough is enough when it comes to makeup. Don’t get me wrong, although I’m a minimalist makeup artist at heart, I love a bold & dramatic look just as much. What I don’t love is hugging someone and getting makeup all over their white shirt. True story….

I was at a post wedding dinner and when I hugged the groom in his all white suit…. Yes! Me, I got my medium tan foundation all over his shoulder. Ugh! I was soooo embarrassed. He didn’t see it at first, and I was hoping he never would. But of course, at some point during the dinner he stepped away to go to the bathroom and when he came back I noticed he had tried to clean it off, so of course that means he saw it. And you know how that goes… it looked even worse. For the rest of the dinner he would casually wipe his hand across the area or hold his hand on his shoulder to cover it up. And guess where I was? Sitting right across from him. And guess what else? I was the only woman at the table with a medium tan complexion. NOOOO! It was obvious I made the mess. For the rest of the night I tried to ignore the stain, but I couldn’t stop staring at it and it was staring right back at me. Sorry dude! Anyway, lesson learned. 

I could share many more drama stories about me wearing too much makeup, but I’ll spare you. Instead, I’ll share some tips on how you can tell when too much is tooooo much and share some helpful hints on how to avoid the embarrassing makeup mishaps. Sigh! If only someone would have told me….

  1. You’re wearing too much foundation when you get foundation on everything you touch – you go to hug someone and you get makeup on their shirt and/or face; you scratch or touch your face and get makeup on under your finger nails; you dab around your mouth after eating and get makeup on the all white linen napkins. Sometimes these aren’t avoidable, but they can be prevented by doing the following.
    • Only apply foundation where you need it. Why put foundation all over your face when the only place you need it is on your forehead for example.
    • Instead of a foundation or concealer, use a color corrector to correct the discoloration on your face in the areas where you need it. Sometimes all you need is to color correct the discoloration on your face and then you can skip the foundation all together.
    • Skip the foundation and go for a bronzer instead.
    • Don’t skip the foundation and set with a translucent powder and a setting spray. Try Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray.

  2. Your eyeliner and/or mascara looks like it’s trying to run away from your face. Oh no! Not the raccoon eyes. Nobody wants that. You just killed your makeup look and you looked flawless last you checked, but within hours you look like you just cried Niagara Falls. Grrrr!
    • Use waterproof mascara and eye liner. Most brands offer a waterproof version of your favorite mascara or liner.
    • If you like layering your mascara like I do, wait about 30 seconds between each layer to allow for the first layer to dry. This technique will help avoid clumping too.
    • Who says you have to wear black eyeliner? If you’re looking to brighten your eyes try using a nude eye liner instead.
  3. You get lipstick on your teeth and pretty much everything else they touch. I’ll admit this happens to me often because I love a bold lip. Wearing a bold lip can be a little messy, but it doesn’t have to be.
    • Try Motives All Day Liquid Lipsticks . These lippies pack a lot of color and stay put so you don’t have to worry about your lipstick being everywhere but on your lips.

      Makeup products by Motives. Image is of all 4 shades of Motives All Day Liquid Mattes

    • After applying your lipstick blot with tissue. Give the tissue a kiss and then put the tissue between your lips to remove any excess lipstick that could potentially get on your teeth.
    • Use a lip liner before applying your lipstick. Lip liners help to prevent your lipstick from running off your lips. Think of your lip liner as a gate keeper.
  4. You get makeup on your favorite jacket every time you wear it. Sometimes this can’t be prevented, but there are definitely ways to help minimize the mess.  [See the tips from #1]
  5. You go through several makeup remover wipes when removing your makeup. It really only should take one. If you find yourself using 3 or more, then that’s a definite sign you are wearing too much makeup.

Remember, when it comes to makeup sometimes a little goes a long way. There’s always a time & place….nah scratch that…there’s never a time & place for too much makeup. Makeup should be used to enhance your beauty and not to cover it up.

Don’t be greedy. Share some of your makeup tips in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! ~LYB

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