Traveling With Makeup: Pro Packing Tips

Traveling With Makeup: Pro Packing Tips

To pack or not to pack… that is the question when it comes to traveling with makeup. Well, at least for me it is. Inspired by the movie “Girls Trip”, which if you haven’t seen by now, you need to hurry to the movies. You’ll definitely be in for a treat. It’s surprisingly funny AND sentimental. Any movie that can have me crying and laughing is a winner in my book. It’s. Really. Good! After watching, it’ll have you calling all your girl friends telling them how much you love them and planning your own girls trip. And like any trip, you’ll want to make sure your makeup & beauty game is on point. With my own girls trip around the corner, I want to share some tips on how I travel with makeup. TSA guidelines are strict and can be confusing at times. I always get hella nervous when it comes to carrying-on my makeup. I know, I know it’s just makeup, but dang! Nobody wants any of their favorite products getting thrown in the trash.

My Traveling With Makeup Tips

  1. Makeup palettes are everything for any trip! The perfect palette will have a blush, highlighter, and a few eyeshadows all in one making traveling with makeup smooth sailing. Try one of these multi-purpose palettes by Motives.
  2. You may think you need every lip color in your makeup kit, but you don’t. You’ll most likely only need a neutral color lip gloss, a bold, “going out” color, and lip balm. While traveling with makeup you don’t want to pack too much.
  3. No matter where I’m traveling, when I’m traveling with makeup I always always pack a brown eyeshadow. This one shadow triples as an eyeshadow, a contour powder, and a brow powder.
  4. Pack a tinted moisturizer in lieu of a foundation especially if you’re traveling some place where the sun is blazing. You’ll most likely tan and you don’t want to be that girl caught looking like a ghost in all your girls trip pics because your foundation stopped matching after the first day of playing in the sun.
  5. Make sure you have a travel cosmetic bag to put all your beauty products in. If you are traveling with carry-on luggage you should not have any issues with security. Just make sure any liquids or gels, like perfumes or hair products are no more than 3oz in size and are placed in a Ziploc bag.  Click here to review TSA guidelines.

Check out my Top 3 Eye Shadow Palettes!

In the spirit of girl power, sister love, I reached out to some of my own friends to see how they travel with makeup. What they must travel with and why… Read what these beauties had to share.

image of Kathryn Burnett and her traveling makeup tips.

Image of Carla Brown with details on traveling with makeup. Traveling With Makeup Tips by Stacie Smith. A picture of Stacie with her tips listed below it. Travel Makeup tips from Karen Gaski. A picture of Karen and her travel makeup tips.


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