The Truth About Alcohol In Your Beauty Products

I was in the beauty supply store shopping for some new hair products when another woman complimented me on my hair, “It just looks so thick and healthy …” and then asked if I could help her pick out some products for her hair. I told her I wasn’t an expert on natural hair care, or hair care period, and I really only knew what works for my tresses and even that little bit of […]

My Top 5 Favorite Serums for Clear & Glowing Skin

LYBartistry Top 5 Serums

I’m a total advocate for the 3-step skin care routine. I preach it to my clients all day long, so when I started talking about adding a serum into the mix and throwing in an extra step I straight up got the side eye…multiple side eyes. But hey, what’s another step? Especially if it means your skin will be even more glowing and even more healthier. So, right before you apply your moisturizer take like […]

Natural Beauty Tips for the Everyday Natural Woman with Shea Gardner

Natural Beauty Consult by LaTasha Benn of LYBartistry

I recently did a natural beauty consult with yogi, lifestyle blogger, and social media influencer Shea Gardner (also known as hippiebumppeace in the social media world). Shea keeps it realer than real in her IG stories, Facebook feed, and tweets; sharing sometimes the most intimate details as she reminds us of the things, feelings, and emotions us women, moms, and wives experience on a day to day basis. I have to say it is so […]

3 Ways to Protect your Skin from the Inside-Out


  I’m sure most of you already know healthy skin starts from the inside-out, but did you know you can protect your skin from sun damage, dry climates, and unseen toxins in the air? Outside of your 3-step facial cleansing routine there are certain foods and nutrients that will add more protection to your current skin care products. The first question I always ask my clients when they ask me about their skin is, “What’s […]

Skin Care Tips Every Woman in Her 30s Should Know


Hello beautiful! Welcome to your thirties! Whether you’re 30, 35, or 39 your skin is in it’s most vulnerable state and is accessible to premature aging, acne, and even skin discoloration. Which makes this the time for you to take extra steps in your skin care routine. The days of sleeping in your makeup without any repercussions are long gone. No more washing your face only when you have a breakout or literally get dirt […]