3 Simple Holiday Makeup Looks (Plus Bonus Video)

Three Simple Holiday Makeup Looks

Heyyy! The holidays are among us, and I have a few fun and simple holiday makeup looks that you can wear to your next holiday party or family dinner. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is getting all dolled up and pretty (outside of my daily ponytail & workout clothes I mean) and going to a holiday party. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting all year long to finally bust […]

My Favorite Budget Friendly Beauty Hacks

I’ll admit, somewhat shamefully, as a makeup artist and esthetician that I am NOT a “product junkie”. Let me translate – I’m not one to buy new products merely because they’re new. I simply buy what I need, when I need it; And in the case when I absolutely need a product, color or beauty solution and I don’t have it, I take a lesson from my mother and probably every grandmother ever, and figure […]

Beat The Heat With These Humidity Proof Beauty Products

Humidity Proof Products

Okay, so y’all know I just relocated from Chicago to Tampa. Woohoo! But LAWDDDD! As much as I love the sun this humidity is not my friend, especially when it comes to my hair. One minute I’m rocking a super cute, nicely poised twist-out and the very next minute, I’m rocking an unruly afro. Not even a cute fro either. It’s like the humidity saw me tryna be great, and was like “F your twist-out!”. […]

How To Tell When You’re Wearing Too Much Makeup

How To Tell If You're Wearing Too Much Makeup

As a makeup artist I know when it’s good to pack on the foundation and when not to. Not saying I’m an expert, but I kinda am. Trust, you don’t need 5 layers of foundations just to go to dinner. Not unless that dinner is for a photoshoot with Vogue and the photographer isn’t going to retouch the final images…and even then, that’s still overkill. Speaking from experience and from my own embarrassing moments I […]

Traveling With Makeup: Pro Packing Tips

Traveling With Makeup: Pro Packing Tips

To pack or not to pack… that is the question when it comes to traveling with makeup. Well, at least for me it is. Inspired by the movie “Girls Trip”, which if you haven’t seen by now, you need to hurry to the movies. You’ll definitely be in for a treat. It’s surprisingly funny AND sentimental. Any movie that can have me crying and laughing is a winner in my book. It’s. Really. Good! After […]