Worth-The-Splurge Beauty Products

Worth The Splurge Beauty Products

We all have that one or few beauty products that we have to splurge on. I mean, generic and drug store brands are all good, but sometimes you just have to spend a little dough for the products you absolutely love. For instance, when it comes to oatmeal, I’m bougie. It has to be Quaker. I’ll pay the extra couple of dollars for this specific brand. Same goes for peanut butter. I’ll settle for an […]

Primer Makes it All Better!

As a make-up artist I always get asked the question, “do I have to use a primer?”. I mean the easy answer is, “No”, however if you want your foundation to last all day or to blend easier, then the answer is, “Heck yea!”. Although it’s another step in the probably already long and extensive routine you already have with your skincare (or maybe that’s just me), it’s a small step and a little literally […]