The Truth About Alcohol In Your Beauty Products

I was in the beauty supply store shopping for some new hair products when another woman complimented me on my hair, “It just looks so thick and healthy …” and then asked if I could help her pick out some products for her hair. I told her I wasn’t an expert on natural hair care, or hair care period, and I really only knew what works for my tresses and even that little bit of […]

Fall Beauty Must-Haves for Makeup, Skin & Hair

Fall Beauty Must-Haves

Chicago weather has been very generous to us so far this season, but as the air gets cooler and the leaves turn bright shades of red, orange, and yellow I get super inspired to update my beauty essentials. Plus, around this time of year my skin and hair gets a little more drier and requires a little more maintenance. And with all the beautiful fall colors in my face I couldn’t help but to add […]