Super Easy & Natural Looking Foundation Application [VIDEO]


When it comes to applying foundation there are so many techniques you could use. Some apply it all over their face while others, such as myself only apply it in the areas of my face where it’s needed most. These are what I like to call “problem areas” and for me those areas consistent of my lower cheek and jaw area. When I wear foundation I don’t like to look like I have it on. […]

My Favorite Budget Friendly Beauty Hacks

I’ll admit, somewhat shamefully, as a makeup artist and esthetician that I am NOT a “product junkie”. Let me translate – I’m not one to buy new products merely because they’re new. I simply buy what I need, when I need it; And in the case when I absolutely need a product, color or beauty solution and I don’t have it, I take a lesson from my mother and probably every grandmother ever, and figure […]

Motives Supreme Creme Foundation + Sculpt Series

As many of you already know, I recently started selling Motives Cosmetics. And although I love many many product lines, it only makes sense for me to wear the brand I sell, right? So, with all the products that I’ve been trying and testing, my top 2 favorites are the Motives for LaLa Supreme Creme Foundation and the Motive’s Mavens Sculpt Series Highlight & Contour cremes. I absolutely love these two products and here’s why…. […]

NARS vs. Tarte Concealers…I love them both!

I’ve been bouncing around between 2 undereye concealers lately. And I can’t seem to figure out which one I like better…. And quite honestly, I really don’t care.  I guess that’s just the life of a beauty junkie. So many products and not enough time to wear them all. LoL! Anyway, I wanted to share a quick review of my 2 favorite concealers and why I love them so much. I’ve been using NARS Radiant […]


A picture of LaTasha helping an attendee at one of her hands-on makeup workshops.

On Sunday, October 4, I hosted my very first make-up workshop, entitled ENHANCED. This workshop a long time coming and was something I had been planning to do for years, but was always too scared to actually go through with. All of the planning and costs involved, and what if no one shows up, how do I market it and how do I get sponsors – these were all questions or doubts that kept me […]