5 Reasons Why Your Skin Isn’t Improving


So, you’ve been taking great care of your skin, like going above and beyond, and you’re still not seeing an improvement in your skin’s health. You even went out and bought the latest and greatest skincare products, and you KNOW they’re going to work. I mean why wouldn’t they, your favorite Instagram influencer swears by this new cleanser (that (s)he gets paid to promote). It works for them, so of course it’s going to work […]

My Top 5 Skincare No, No’s

Almost every client I see says they use one of the following when I ask them, “What’s your current skin care routine?”.  And through my cringe, I actually applaud them for attemping to take care of their skin in the first place.  Turns out a lot of people don’t do anything for their skin as far as maintenance or care. So when a client tells me they tone their face with alcohol, I smile and let them know […]


I recently changed my face cleansing routine for the colder climates. Like most, my skin gets extra dry around this time of the year, so I need a better moisturizer than what I typically use during the summer.  Now, I’m always switching my products around and I know you are probably thinking, “If this girl does not find a product and stick to it…!”.  Ha! Well I won’t, I can’t, I mean it just doesn’t […]