The Truth About Alcohol In Your Beauty Products

I was in the beauty supply store shopping for some new hair products when another woman complimented me on my hair, “It just looks so thick and healthy …” and then asked if I could help her pick out some products for her hair. I told her I wasn’t an expert on natural hair care, or hair care period, and I really only knew what works for my tresses and even that little bit of […]

Beat The Heat With These Humidity Proof Beauty Products

Humidity Proof Products

Okay, so y’all know I just relocated from Chicago to Tampa. Woohoo! But LAWDDDD! As much as I love the sun this humidity is not my friend, especially when it comes to my hair. One minute I’m rocking a super cute, nicely poised twist-out and the very next minute, I’m rocking an unruly afro. Not even a cute fro either. It’s like the humidity saw me tryna be great, and was like “F your twist-out!”. […]

Traveling With Makeup: Pro Packing Tips

Traveling With Makeup: Pro Packing Tips

To pack or not to pack… that is the question when it comes to traveling with makeup. Well, at least for me it is. Inspired by the movie “Girls Trip”, which if you haven’t seen by now, you need to hurry to the movies. You’ll definitely be in for a treat. It’s surprisingly funny AND sentimental. Any movie that can have me crying and laughing is a winner in my book. It’s. Really. Good! After […]

Time To Clean Out Your Makeup Kit


The beginning of the year is the perfect time to de-clutter and get rid of makeup you do not use or have passed it’s makeup world life span. You know what I’m referring to, ladies. The products you bought because you thought you needed them and haven’t touched them in months or even years. Or the products that you use faithfully but know it’s time to replace. This happens to me all the time and […]

NARS vs. Tarte Concealers…I love them both!

I’ve been bouncing around between 2 undereye concealers lately. And I can’t seem to figure out which one I like better…. And quite honestly, I really don’t care.  I guess that’s just the life of a beauty junkie. So many products and not enough time to wear them all. LoL! Anyway, I wanted to share a quick review of my 2 favorite concealers and why I love them so much. I’ve been using NARS Radiant […]