Akua Auset, A Holistic Beauty

Akua Auset, Superwoman & Goddess has been one make-up artist I’ve looked up to since I began my own makeup journey. Since 2005,  I have followed her path working with celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Nia Long, Laila Ali, R. Kelly, Patti LaBelle and Kid Rock, just to name a few; writing and publishing a book, which I’ve read and re-read, titled “Superwoman & Goddess – Working your Magic and Power”; and now Akua is launching […]

RE-Boot by Akua Auset

Akua Auset is the one who inspired me to be a make-up artist and to embrace my natural beauty.  I love everything about her, she is passionate and so full of positive energy. Every time I’m around her I get motivated to do something BIG. She is definitely someone I recommend you to follow. I copied and pasted this from her blog and wanted to share. Enjoy! Please check out and follow her on her blog! http://akuaauset.blogspot.com/ RE-Boot! A […]