3 Ways to Protect your Skin from the Inside-Out



I’m sure most of you already know healthy skin starts from the inside-out, but did you know you can protect your skin from sun damage, dry climates, and unseen toxins in the air? Outside of your 3-step facial cleansing routine there are certain foods and nutrients that will add more protection to your current skin care products. The first question I always ask my clients when they ask me about their skin is, “What’s your diet like?”.  I’m no nutritionist, but as a licensed esthetician I know a thing or two about good health and what foods promote healthy skin.

With that being said…here are 3 ways to protect your skin from the inside.

  • Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, berries, peppers, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower; Vitamin E, such as nuts and seeds; and  leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale. The best way to make sure you are incorporating these foods into your diet daily is to add one of each item to each meal. For instance, for breakfast have some blueberries with yogurt or oatmeal and for lunch have a vitamin packed salad, and throw in an orange or some strawberries for a snack at some point during the day. If you struggle with this, try a multi-vitamin or my favorite the Isotonix Beauty Blend.  isotonix-opc-3-beauty-blend
  • Drink a gallon of water each day. Yes, a gallon! This can be challenging even for me at times and I only drink water throughout the day. But, if you plan accordingly you can make this happen. Water helps clear out any toxins floating around and chillin’ in your body. With your skin being the largest organ in your body, you’ll notice the effects of drinking all that water in your skin first. What does this look like? Clear, smooth, and bright skin that is strong enough to fight off free-radicals (a.k.a. bad things we don’t want in or on our bodies). The best way to make sure you’re drinking a gallon a day is to get a water bottle that can store a gallon or at least a pint (with the pint you would only need to refill one other time) and carry it with you every where you go.blog.lybartistry.com_yoga
  • Practice mindful, deep breathing exercises daily. Mindful breathing is just that – consciously breathing, taking deep inhales and letting it all out with a long and intentional exhale. You may need to stop what you’re doing at some point during the day to do this, but it’s cool because it only takes about a minute. Deep breathing helps the circulation of blood, so that it can feed your cells nutrients and help flush out toxins. My favorite way to get my deep breathing exercises in is through yoga and meditation.



I hope these tips help you have strong, supple, and healthy skin. Taking care of your skin internally is just as important as what you do externally. A lot of times no matter what products you’re using you still don’t see the results you’re looking for. Most likely this is because you aren’t feeding your body the right nutrients.

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