My Top 3 Favorite Facial Masks This Season

Top 3 Facial Masks

When it comes to my skin care, I abide by a strict 3-step process – 1. Cleanse 2. Tone/ Treat 3. Hydrate. These 3-steps are non-negotiable and no matter where I’m at these 3-steps are happening daily and twice daily if I’ve worn a lot of makeup that week. On top of my 3 steps, at least once a week I add a facial mask to my regimen. I use masks to exfoliate, hydrate or basically give my skin whatever it needs to rock a glowing complexion for the week. I mask at least once a week and usually on a Sunday or Monday evening, and on weeks where I’ve worn a lot of makeup, I’ll even mask again at the end of the week.

With so many products out there, it can be hard to choose just one mask for your skin, but who says you have to just choose one? Here are my favorite 3 masks that I’m currently using interchangeably to give my skin it’s vibrant glow.

Lumiére de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask
Lumiére de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask ($50)

Lumière de Vie Volcanic Mask

Volcanic ash and charcoal have been the latest and greatest when it comes to detoxing your skin. And that is just what this mask does – detoxifies. Plus, it brightens and exfoliates too. It also has kaolin to help absorb oil and bentonite clay to deep clean pores. I love this mask because of it’s instant brightening effects. I typically use this one on Fridays when I’m going out and want to give my skin a boost before applying any makeup.

Enzyme Mask
Enzyme Revitalizing Mask ($20)

Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask 

The MB enzyme mask is my weekly go-to. This is the mask I use at the beginning of the week to hydrate and gently exfoliate. This mask has been great for my skin especially during the colder months in Chicago because it really moisturizes your skin. Usually, I apply my masks directly after cleansing my skin, but with this mask, I apply it as the last step before I moisturize because of the instant hydrating effect. As soon as you rinse it off you’re skin will feel super soft, you won’t even think you need a moisturizer (but you do, don’t skip on your 3-steps).

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($12)

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

I just started using this mask about a month ago and O-M-G! This mask is bomb! First of all, you can feel it working as soon as you apply it. There is a slight tingling sensation that at first you’ll think something is wrong, but don’t fret, that tingle just means it’s working! The main ingredient, bentonite clay has many health benefits, but most importantly it detoxes, clearing out all the impurities your skin absorbs every second of the day. So far, I’ve only used this mask a couple of times, but it will definitely be one of my weekly masks. My skin looked and felt amazing for days even after I used it.

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Quick Beauty Tip: The best time to mask is at night, so your skin can absorb and take in all the benefits of the mask while you sleep.


There you have it beauties! What are some of your favorite masks, and why do you like them? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Tasha! I’ve tried the Aztec Healing Clay mixed with apple cider vinegar. I agree that it leaves your skin feeling super clean and I liked the tingly feeling lol. I really want to try the Mario Badescu mask. I’ve heard awesome things about that skin care line. I didn’t realize it would be beneficial (or okay) to use multiple skin masks; thanks for a great article and for educating us 🙂

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