Makeup & Muscles

Doing make-up is fun for me no matter what, however this last weekend showed me a new level of turn-up when it comes to doing make-up. I had the opportunity to do my best friend’s make-up for her NPC fitness competition.  Being surrounded by so many muscles most definitely made me wanna get my shit together physically, but also being around so many motivated and determined women, made me really want to get my shit together professionally.  These women work hard as hell to lower their body fat and build muscle all to just stand on stage for less than a minute. Now that’s determination!


I came home with a fresh mind-set and a set of new priorities. First and foremost, I gotta get more involved in these shows, so hopefully you’ll see me doing make-up for more fitness competitions in the near future. Secondly, I need to up my motivation and determination levels just a little bit higher, like to the MAX. And lastly, I need to stop playing and get my ass in shape. Cause at these shows even the staff, cleaning crew, hair stylists and make-up artists are in shape! LoL!

And what made it all worth while… my girl won 1st place three times! She really showed how hard work and determination, no matter what the circumstances are pays off!


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