I’m Keeping These 2015 Beauty Trends!

Happy New Year!! Seriously, I can’t even believe this year is over already! I feel like I was just writing about 2015 Beauty Trends and now I’m hear writing about…. well 2015 Beauty Trends again, BUT this time I’m sharing my favorites, what I’m definitely taking with me through 2016. Trends come and go for sure, but I’d like to think these here are gonna be here forever, well at least they will be for me. Hehe!

Check out what my favorite beauty trends of 2015 were and why I’m not letting them go!

Natural Nails. For the first time ever, I found a nail technician who could take care of my nails allowing them to grow healthy and strong. My nails have always been brittle and short and now they are healthy and long! This is definitely a trend I plan on keeping for 2016. nails

Lashes (the strips, not extensions). I actually used to hate wearing fake lashes. After a few hours of wearing them, it always felt like something was poking me in my eye lid, so annoying. In 2015, I found some awesome fake lashes that are light and less irritating. Stay tuned, for more fun lashes in 2016. My favorite style are the “whispies”. wingedliner

Enhanced Beauty. Ah! I’m extremely proud of this one. For the first time ever, in 2015 I wore less makeup then ever before.  I embraced my natural beauty and “enhanced” my beauty rather than covered it up with make-up. This was my inspiration for my “Enhanced” Makeup Workshops as well. You’ll see more of my bare face and healthy skin in 2016. wingedliner2

Winged Liner. I’m continuing this trend from 2014 and carrying it right along with me into 2016. You may not see it on me much, but you will definitely see the winged liner and I may even play around with some color! Here are some of my faves from Instagram! fav wings


What were your favorite 2015 trends! Let us know by commenting below!


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