How I’m Staying on Top of My 2016 Goals

This year I told myself I wasn’t setting any New Years “resolutions”, but instead I was going to set some realistic goals for myself… I know, I know – goals…resolutions… same damn thing, right? Lol! “Resolution” just seemed so daunting this time around and “setting goals” seemed more empowering. We all love when we set a goal and then crush it. So this year, I decided to focus on 3 main areas of opportunity for me – Spiritual, Physical and Professional.

Now I know how quick we can slack off on our goals, so here are some tips on staying on top of them. Granted, it’s only month 2 but they’ve been working for me so far.

  1. I created a schedule / routine.  Each day I start off with meditation and prayer, workout and then go to work. Creating a set schedule has enabled me to stay on track. I even use my alarm on my phone to remind me. 
  2. I keep track of my progress. Whether I’m writing in my journal or tracking my workouts in an app, I’m always keeping track of where I am with my goals. Even for my business I use a business planner that lets me know what I need to be doing on a monthly basis. 
  3. I have a team of awesome friends that serve as my accountability partners / support system. We all have goals, so why not share them with your friends so they can hold you accountable when you get caught slipping. 

I hope these 3 little nuggets help you stay on track with your goals. Feel free to share what you’re doing to stay on target.

And check out this video for a mini makeup tutorial and to learn more about what my goals are and how I’m staying on track!



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