Super Easy & Natural Looking Foundation Application [VIDEO]


When it comes to applying foundation there are so many techniques you could use. Some apply it all over their face while others, such as myself only apply it in the areas of my face where it’s needed most. These are what I like to call “problem areas” and for me those areas consistent of my lower cheek and jaw area. When I wear foundation I don’t like to look like I have it on. I like to keep my foundation as natural looking as possible.

There are few keys when it comes to natural looking foundation…

1). Your foundation shade should match your skin exactly. You shouldn’t be able to tell where the foundation has been applied.

2). Your tools are important. Whether you use a blending sponge or a brush,  you want to make sure they blend your foundation flawlessly and they don’t leave streaks.

3). You only need to apply the foundation in the areas where you need it most.

4). Blend! Blend! Blend!

5). Did I mention BLEND?!

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In this video I show you how I apply my foundation and concealer in just about 5 minutes. It’s quick, easy and flawless.



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