A picture of LaTasha helping an attendee at one of her hands-on makeup workshops.

On Sunday, October 4, I hosted my very first make-up workshop, entitled ENHANCED. This workshop a long time coming and was something I had been planning to do for years, but was always too scared to actually go through with. All of the planning and costs involved, and what if no one shows up, how do I market it and how do I get sponsors – these were all questions or doubts that kept me from doing this sooner. Needless to say, the workshop happened and was a huge success!  NYCH Art Gallery opened up their doors allowing me to host the workshop surrounded by beautiful artwork created by Chicago artists. I received sponsorship by Fashion Fair Cosmetics and partnered with other Chicago entrepreneurs; All who made the workshop a success.


I wanted to host a workshop that was hands-on and geared towards the everyday woman who simply wants to learn how to “enhance” their beauty. I know so many women who are afraid to wear make-up because they don’t know where to even begin. Well, this class taught 25 women how to do this; they left feeling more confident in how to apply foundation, how to enhance facial features and how to use products they’ve bought on an impulse while browsing in a Sephora.


So while my engine is still running, I want to go ahead and start planning for my 2nd workshop, which will take place sometime in Spring.  Stay on the look out for more news on my next workshop and other events. You can subscribe to my Beauty Club to get updates on my website and/or follow my @lybartistryofficial Instagram page or Facebook page.

Thank you so much for everyone that supported me in this venture and I look forward to an even bigger success with the next workshop!

Here’s what some had to say about the workshop….

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