Beyoncé & Jay-Z OTR concert & Make-up by Me!

Last week I had the pleasure of first of all going to the OTR concert, but also without even promoting myself on the make-up tip because I knew I was going, I still had 4 clients book appointments with me (one of them cancelled). The night was perfect! The show was amazing! Beyoncé did a great job exciting the audience with her wardrobe changes and dance routines and Jay-Z did as well by pumping up […]

LYBartistry and ROCKit Conversations

These beautiful ladies are on the rise! Launching their new TV show, ROCKit w/ Therapeutic Conversations, on YouTube. These 3 ladies bring humor, personality and “the things that make you go hmmmm” to discussions ranging from relationships to beauty tips! I had the pleasure of doing make-up for their first show and photo shoot and they had me cracking up the entire time! Keep an eye out for them and be sure to subscribe to […]

Makeup Preview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing this young ladies make-up. She is a close friend of Steve Harvey’s family and was invited to speak at the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Gala. She lives in Atlanta and had never been to Chicago. When I asked her how she heard of me, she said she googled “Chicago makeup artist” and found my website & blog. She actually said, I was one of the only artists […]