Halloween Makeup [Recap]

This year, for the first time, I attempted some Halloween makeup. Ei, ei ei! If it was up to me, I probably wouldn’t have done it at all, but my clients insisted and it actually made me want to do more. It’s funny, because when I’ve been asked to do Halloween makeup in the past I’ve always said “no”, like that’s not what I do, but this year after going back-and-forth about I finally said […]


A picture of LaTasha helping an attendee at one of her hands-on makeup workshops.

On Sunday, October 4, I hosted my very first make-up workshop, entitled ENHANCED. This workshop a long time coming and was something I had been planning to do for years, but was always too scared to actually go through with. All of the planning and costs involved, and what if no one shows up, how do I market it and how do I get sponsors – these were all questions or doubts that kept me […]

What it means to be ENHANCED

ENHANCED…. Finally, I found a word to describe my makeup work. I couldn’t get with the beat face, snatched and/or on fleek terms that are more commonly being used (and absolutely no offense to any of my fellow artists who use those terms to describe their work, it’s just not for me). It actually took me awhile to figure out how to define what I do. I honestly struggled with it; Not feeling like I was in the same category […]

Makeup & Muscles

Doing make-up is fun for me no matter what, however this last weekend showed me a new level of turn-up when it comes to doing make-up. I had the opportunity to do my best friend’s make-up for her NPC fitness competition.  Being surrounded by so many muscles most definitely made me wanna get my shit together physically, but also being around so many motivated and determined women, made me really want to get my shit […]

Bridal Beauty Transformation

One thing I absolutely love about makeup is the transformations, no matter how subtle, I love seeing how with a few brush strokes or flicker on ones lashes you can totally turn around and enhance beauty. I love it! Love it! Love it! This is a bridal transformation I did the other day. As you can see in the before picture, she has very red skin naturally. To reduce the redness in her skin I […]