5 Reasons Your Skin Feels Like Crap This Winter

winter skin tips

It’s winter; It’s cold out; Your lips are dry; Your feet are cracking; And your skin feels like crap. I know all about this. Even as a licensed skincare specialist, I have had my share of dry & crappy skin. Whether it be my lips, feet, or face, trust me when I say, I know the feeling. I mean damn, I am human. But look, it doesn’t have to be this way. Some of you […]

My Winter Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Products

Heyyyy! Happy New Year! I’m excited to share my very first post of 2018! Maaaan, my skin has been in thee best shape these past few months. I’m not tryna brag, but I’ve been working really hard to make sure I’m as healthy as I can be physically and mentally, and that includes my skin. Making sure I wash my face daily and 2x a day when I wear makeup, not wearing makeup as much, […]

My Top 5 Favorite Serums for Clear & Glowing Skin

LYBartistry Top 5 Serums

I’m a total advocate for the 3-step skin care routine. I preach it to my clients all day long, so when I started talking about adding a serum into the mix and throwing in an extra step I straight up got the side eye…multiple side eyes. But hey, what’s another step? Especially if it means your skin will be even more glowing and even more healthier. So, right before you apply your moisturizer take like […]

Natural Beauty Tips for the Everyday Natural Woman with Shea Gardner

Natural Beauty Consult by LaTasha Benn of LYBartistry

I recently did a natural beauty consult with yogi, lifestyle blogger, and social media influencer Shea Gardner (also known as hippiebumppeace in the social media world). Shea keeps it realer than real in her IG stories, Facebook feed, and tweets; sharing sometimes the most intimate details as she reminds us of the things, feelings, and emotions us women, moms, and wives experience on a day to day basis. I have to say it is so […]

What Is Your Skin Type? 3 Easy Steps To Help You Find The Answer

What is your skin type? 3 easy steps to help you find the answer.

“What is your skin type?” Yep, you. I’m asking you what your skin type is? I bet you just start touching your face as you try to figure out what it is. Okay, stop touching your face. A lot of people don’t know how to answer that question. Usually when I ask my clients I get either a blank stare, the side eye, or the easiest response “normal” followed by a Kanye shrug. It’s all […]