My Top 3 Eye Shadow Palettes

My Top 3 Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes

Eye shadows have always been my favorite makeup product to purchase right behind lipstick. Whether I want to rock a more natural look or a dramatic eye look, I have my go-to palette that will help me achieve either or. Sometimes my creative genius becomes stagnant and I can’t think of a look to do. But when I look at a palette of eye shadows, I get inspired and create a look without even thinking […]

Improve Your Makeup Skills With These 4 Easy Tips

Improve Your Makeup Skills with these Four Easy Tips

I love teaching women how to enhance their beauty. Makeup is fun and can be very easy to master. Of course, practice makes perfect. So the more often you apply makeup on yourself, the better you will get at it. Trust, I know. I’m a self-taught makeup artist who learned how to do not only my own makeup, but also makeup on others just by practicing. So get your practice on and keep these 4 […]

Time To Clean Out Your Makeup Kit


The beginning of the year is the perfect time to de-clutter and get rid of makeup you do not use or have passed it’s makeup world life span. You know what I’m referring to, ladies. The products you bought because you thought you needed them and haven’t touched them in months or even years. Or the products that you use faithfully but know it’s time to replace. This happens to me all the time and […]

Motives Cosmetics Luxe Cream Eye Shadow

I don’t use cream eye shadows often. Nothing against cream shadows; I just personally prefer to use powders. However, I do sometimes like to use a shimmery, cream shadow as my eye base instead of a regular primer to give my eye shadow a more vibrant look. Since I became a Motives Cosmetics business owner, I’ve been playing around with all their different eye products and I have to say the Motives Luxe Cream Eye […]

My 2016 Fall Beauty Faves

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Why? One reason is because of the fashion. I love fall fashion; for instance, layering clothes – denim jackets over sweaters, sweaters over sweaters, and boats. But, mainly I love all the colors this season brings. Fall is a beautiful time of year. And of course, the time of year for all my favorite beauty trends. Here are my Fall beauty faves, you’ll see me […]