How I’m Staying on Top of My 2016 Goals

This year I told myself I wasn’t setting any New Years “resolutions”, but instead I was going to set some realistic goals for myself… I know, I know – goals…resolutions… same damn thing, right? Lol! “Resolution” just seemed so daunting this time around and “setting goals” seemed more empowering. We all love when we set a goal and then crush it. So this year, I decided to focus on 3 main areas of opportunity for […]

I’m Keeping These 2015 Beauty Trends!

Happy New Year!! Seriously, I can’t even believe this year is over already! I feel like I was just writing about 2015 Beauty Trends and now I’m hear writing about…. well 2015 Beauty Trends again, BUT this time I’m sharing my favorites, what I’m definitely taking with me through 2016. Trends come and go for sure, but I’d like to think these here are gonna be here forever, well at least they will be for […]

Get this Makeup Look: “Network”

Yesterday I posted a #FOTD photo that got over 100 likes and causeD friends to call / text me asking what products I used.  So, I decided to post the details for all to see.  In fact, I’ll do this more often based on the popularity of a specific look I do.  So, this is my first “Get this makeup look” blog posted and I’m calling this look “Network”….      FACE MOISTURIZER: Neutrogena Sensitive […]

Young Women’s Leadership Society at the Chi-Tech High School

Twice now, I have had the pleasure to work with a young and intelligent (and extremely funny) group of girls. These girls are students at Chi-Tech High School and are members of the YWLS (Young Women’s Leadership Society). The YWLS is designed to create an environment where the girls can collectively discuss challenges against women and how to overcome them; The club is also designed to provide mentoring and leadership skills for the girls (or […]

Bold & Beautiful: Met Gala 2014

Now you all know I’m a sucker for a bold lip color. To me, lipstick is the one thing you can wear alone and still make it do what it do! Monday was the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Gala where celebrities dressed to impress to show tribute to designers from all over the world. The gala showcased the finest of ball gowns, tux and even the sexy of the sexiest dresses (Rhianna… If […]