Bloom into Spring with Motives New BLOOM Palette

Live your life in full BLOOM this Spring! It’s finally Spring! Is it me, or did it seem like Spring took forever to get here? One of my favorite things about season changes is changing my beauty routine. From makeup to skincare, I love trying new products and most importantly having a valid reason to do so LOL. This year’s Spring Trends haven’t changed too much from last year. We’re still glossing, bronzing and sparkling […]

Beauty Trends – “Baking” and “Strobing” and More

LYB Beauty Trends

When it comes to makeup there are always new beauty trends, lingo, and products that seem to just come out of nowhere and go viral. The beauty novice can become a bit overwhelmed & confused as she is trying to learn what everything means while she’s also trying to figure out what products work best for her. Even as a makeup professional, I sometimes get overwhelmed. Like, “Damn, I just got these new Beauty Blenders, […]

6 Reasons You Need to Grab A Motives Cosmetics All Day Liquid Lipstick

All Day Liquid Lipstick Sultry

Hey beautiful! It’s been a while since I’ve given you a product review. Truth be told, I haven’t been wearing a whole lot of makeup lately. I mean, I go HAM on my clients all day everyday, but when it comes to my face I prefer a clean slate these days. In fact, I think I love putting makeup on other people more than I love putting it on myself. But don’t get it twisted, […]

My Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Beauty Gift Guide

I don’t wanna brag, but I’m happy to share that I have finished all of my holiday shopping. Yasssss! #Winning! No last minute rush to the mall for me. Ya girl is straight on that! Okay, so you may not be and may be struggling with trying to decided what to get your homegirl, mom, sister, or girlfriend for Christmas. Don’t fret, I got ya. Here are some beauty gift ideas that you can grab […]

Natural Beauty Tips for the Everyday Natural Woman with Shea Gardner

Natural Beauty Consult by LaTasha Benn of LYBartistry

I recently did a natural beauty consult with yogi, lifestyle blogger, and social media influencer Shea Gardner (also known as hippiebumppeace in the social media world). Shea keeps it realer than real in her IG stories, Facebook feed, and tweets; sharing sometimes the most intimate details as she reminds us of the things, feelings, and emotions us women, moms, and wives experience on a day to day basis. I have to say it is so […]