Bridal Beauty Transformation

One thing I absolutely love about makeup is the transformations, no matter how subtle, I love seeing how with a few brush strokes or flicker on ones lashes you can totally turn around and enhance beauty. I love it! Love it! Love it!

This is a bridal transformation I did the other day. As you can see in the before picture, she has very red skin naturally. To reduce the redness in her skin I used a green corrector concealer by Graftobian and brushed it all over her face. Then, because she wanted a completely natural look, I lightly airbrushed her foundation using OCC airbrush makeup (color Y1). This bride also had very light colored lashes, almost blonde, so to bring out her lashes I used a black/brown mascara. These are just a couple of things done to enhance her beauty for her wedding, but I’m especially proud of reducing her redness!


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