My Favorite Budget Friendly Beauty Hacks

I’ll admit, somewhat shamefully, as a makeup artist and esthetician that I am NOT a “product junkie”. Let me translate – I’m not one to buy new products merely because they’re new. I simply buy what I need, when I need it; And in the case when I absolutely need a product, color or beauty solution and I don’t have it, I take a lesson from my mother and probably every grandmother ever, and figure out how to use what I got to make it work. This is what we’ve come to know as a “beauty hack”. With all this figuring out I have come to find certain beauty hacks that have given me the perfect results and have become my go-to’s for now on.

Check out some of my favorite random beauty hacks…

Out of moisturizer? Try using jojoba oil instead. Jojoba oil mimics the skin’s natural oils, so your skin absorbs it easily and leaves it soft and perfectly moisturized. You can also use it in your hair, and it won’t leave your hair looking or feeling greasy. You can also use on your nails as a cuticle oil.

Looking to grow your lashes and brows? Instead of spending big bucks on a tiny tube of lash serum, try using castor oil. Castor oil moisturizes your lashes and brow hairs and stimulates growth. You’ll see results in weeks.



Missing a color from your eyeshadow palette? Try using a lipstick. You’ll get the perfect color pigment that will last all day. Just make sure you set it with a translucent powder so it doesn’t crease. Here’s a look I did recently on a client. I didn’t have a specific gold color eyeshadow that I needed for the look, so I used a gold lipstick instead.


No time to paint your nails or on a budget and can’t go get them done professionally? These KISS imPress Press-On Nails are everything. They are so easy to apply, you’ll look like you got them done professionally even though it only took you 5 minutes to put them on. And, check this – they last for about 5-7 days. I say that’s well worth it considering they only cost no more than $8 for a pack of 30 nails. Another bonus, the adhesive does not cause any damage to your real nails.


Foundation color too light or too dark? If you’re anything like me, meaning you have to change your foundation shade 3-4 times a year because you love the sun so much, you change 8 shades of brown in a matter of 3 months and during the winter months, you get pale as all hell, then this little beauty hack will do you some good. Instead of repeatedly searching for your perfect match (again), which we all know how challenging that can be sometimes; if your foundation is too dark just take a little of your highlight concealer and mix in with your foundation until you have the right shade or if you’re foundation is too light just take a matte bronzer and brush over your face to even out the shade.

I know sometimes it’s so much easier to simply go to Sephora or Ulta and just grab what you need, but if you are a woman on a mission and have a strict budget like I do, sometimes you have to make what you have do what it do. So before you spend that money, check out what products you already have and create your own beauty hack. Who knows you may even invent a new product! Happy hacking!

Thanks for reading!